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Ramblings: Meet Bill Thom
<<--- I think I'm turning into a cartoon: I self-trained to think outside the bubble.
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Thom Curriculum Vitae

Education: Ph.D. in Driver's Ed from Two-Lane University

Career training the ethnically-gifted in the NYC taxi arts
Pampering the monetarily-gifted as a limousine pimp procurer provider
Currently active in the fast growing field of Virtual Retirement

Charter member of the Fraternal Order of the Chivalrous Knights of the Yellow Armor (FOCKYA) and fellow in good standing of the Clean Plate Club
Leisure activities include a spirited game of Three Card Monte and playing the air tuba

***References available under subpoena***

Contact: is Bill Thom's online portfolio of cartoons, caricatures animation, 3-dimensional modeling and website design.
All rights reserved. All content is to be considered whimsical satire and any resemblence to persons living or dead is either caricature or accidental.

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