3D Models

welcome mat A mushroom.jpg Lapel button: My Family Crest Suggested WTC replacement: ...and the battery's down Suggested WTC replacement: Fryscraper Suggested WTC replacement: Salute to Osama 1 Centre Street, NYC wireframe A penguin
Square ice cream scoop over round cone A pretzel 3D Maya render of Cuphead Generic games avatar 3D Maya rendition of Mister Peanut

barrakuda type shoutout masthead typeface used is Barrakuda'z FontZamba available at with much thanks.
bigmisterC type shoutout typeface used is Big Mister C available at with even more thanks.
The tab emojis were lifted from

Modal galleries Lightbox2 courtesy of Lokesh Dhakar and are licensed under The MIT License.
Autodesk, Corel Draw and Adobe are trademarked and copyrighted.